Introducing People Dots: Label Your Friends, It’s Just That Simple

If you use Facebook or Flickr, you probably enjoy tagging people in the photos you upload. It’s a fun way to share your experiences with your friends and family and add additional info to your photos.

But what if you want to host your photos outside those networks, on your own site or blog? You have more control over design and experience, but the tradeoff is it’s more difficult to interact with the people in the photos.

Let’s say you have a photo blog where you’ve uploaded pictures of you and some new friends you made on a camping trip. Now you want to reconnect and let them know you’ve added some pictures of them. What were all their email addresses again…? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just tag your friends in those photos and have them notified automatically?

Starting today, we’re introducing People Dots, a feature that let’s you do just that. Just connect your Stipple account with Twitter and/or Facebook and add Stipple to your site (if you haven’t already). Next time you upload photos, you’ll be able to use our inline editor to quickly label your friends. Their dot will show their name with a link to either their Facebook profile or Twitter account – you decide. There’s even an auto-complete feature that pulls from your list of friends, making it even easier and faster to add dots. And if you select Twitter, Stipple automatically brings up the person’s latest tweet in the dot box.

After you’ve labeled your friends with People Dots, we’ll add a post to your Facebook feed or create a new tweet on your Twitter account, including a mention of the person dotted. Of course, this default behavior can be disabled on your account page if you don’t want notifications to be sent – the point is, you’re in control.

At Stipple, we believe that tagging of people shouldn’t be limited to walled-gardens and that publishers large and small should be able to better engage with their readers and friends through photos. We think you’ll find People Dots to be a fun way to interact with your online community and increase the number of visits to your site.