20×200: A Jen Bekman Project

20×200: A Jen Bekman Project is a snazzy way to spruce up the walls of your home with fabulous artwork. Her concept is based around the idea that you should be able to buy art at an affordable price – she says “It’s art for everyone” – and the pieces start at the bargain price of $20 for the smallest size, an 8×10. Sizes go as large as 30×40. The amazing part about  the project is that the artists are tightly curated and are very prolific in their area of expertise, so you walk away with something that will retain value. All prints are in limited edition runs, museum quality and artist supervised, signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

For this post, we selected a few of the photography pieces from 20×200, which we Stippled, so you can see all of the artist information as well as the pricing for all of the different sized prints. Enjoy!